'The Conversation That Never Happened'---

The background of Morta Nakaite's story has an unnusualy deep emotional atmosphere. It’s
like walking without any perception of time, having realised the fragility of wholiness. Using
her personal experiences and stories which are strongly connected to Vilnius, Morta’s home
city, and her personal developments, she is searching for a personal and unique relationship
between art and design.
This somewhat invisible and undefined field of topics did not come by chance - it’s some
kind of compilation of questions and feelings that are difficult to verbalise. She feels that in
order to move on she must stop and quietly and peacefully immerse into self-cognition,
which in any case is painful yet meaninfgul and vital.
In 2017 Morta presented a collection which was inspired by the snippets of the stories about
her great grandfather Cezaris Luciunas (1880-1945). He had a peacock in his courtyard and a
huge horny mutton would follow him to the bar like a dog. The knowledge that remained
about him created a picture of a very bright man who stayed true to his values in extremely
difficult circumstances. He was posthumously awarded with the Righteous Among the
Nations medal. Morta Nakaitė is reflecting fragments of stories which are intuitively
conveyed in sculptural silhouettes and handmade textile factures and structures. In 2018
Morta presented a collection 'In Oscillation' in which she seeked to convey a nostalgic
atmosphere, oscillations of memories and analyzed bright sadness as an authentic feature of

The project is supported by the Lithuanian Council of Culture.

Photos: Vytas Nomadas, Šarūnas Nakas